Friday, February 27, 2015

Afternoon Chika with the Girls

Just because there's nothing like great food and a great kitchen to accompany great girl talk :)

Checking out the goodies at EPICURIOUS! Wowoweee! I wanted to shop!

Picking our afternoon tea :)

Learning how pasta must be cooked. Super intense ko lang :))

Our volunteers for the day! In fairness, ang sarap ng pizza nila ha!

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Love this refreshing Moringa drink!!!

Thanks Patty for bringing us all together! 
EPICURIOUS S'mores: to-die-for!

All photos by Sheila Catilo (kaya ang gaganda hehehe)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Girls Day Out + Luna's 3rd at Patio de Imus

I took a day off from work and domestic duties last week, and met up with my BFFs Patty and Sherie! It has been months since all three of us got together, so I was excited about our "reunion" (reunion talaga?!).

Sherie took us to Patio de Imus, a newly opened restaurant in Cavite that, IMO, can rival Sonya's Garden and Fernwood Gardens. It's beautiful, airy, and green! I was literally drawn to the flowers and plants that are nicely and strategically landscaped to provide a relaxing and energizing ambiance. Hindi ko lang alam bakit wala akong picture! Wahahaha.

After taking it all in, we were served with sumptuous lunch of sinigang, crispy pata, boneless bangus, pancit, and my favorite, shrimp chavacano. OMG. I wanted to sleep sa kabusugan!

As a happy coincidence, we visited on the day Sherie's baby, Luna, celebrated her 3rd month of her chillax life! Hehe! Happy "monthsary", Luna!

Thank you Sherie, Luna, and Patio de Imus for hosting us! :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sophia's Carnival Party on Baby and Breakfast

I'm so giddy as I write this: Sophia's Carnival Party is up on Baby and Breakfast! Wee! #kilig

I can't believe it's been almost a year since this celebration! I can still remember the happy work I did for that party, and especially all the help I got from friends and family. I'll always be grateful for the love we were showered upon that day :)

To check out Baby and Breakfast's feature, just click here.

Monday, February 09, 2015

My Fearless Sophia

In just over a month, my darling daughter Sophia will be turning 2 years old. As a result of this realization, I've been watching her more closely these days and just drinking every minute I spend with her.

For me, she's still somewhere between a baby and toddler. Unlike her brother who seemed to grow up in the blink of an eye, I cherish that my little girl appears to be traipsing in and out of toddlerhood.

There are days I feel like Sophia is still my baby. These are the days when she is extra affectionate to the point of being clingy; or the nights when she wakes up to feed as often as an infant. These are also the days when I worry about her speech development. She is a late bloomer in that department, and though I have been reassured time and again that she is hitting all the right milestones, I always pray to God that He will grant Sophia the gift of language.

But, candidly, there are more times I am caught off-guard by Sophia's growth and it hits me that she isn't a baby-baby anymore. Her built shows what I sometimes fail to see: that she is growing up and growing strong! She can do lots of things by herself now. She can even hold her own against older playmates--even her Kuya Jaden!

She really is my girl with lots of spunk. She is fearless and headstrong. It's often hard to dissuade her from getting what she wants. Even with a small vocabulary, she can communicate--and assert--her will.
(This early, I already wonder how I'll discipline her when the time comes!)

Perhaps I got stuck in that place and time where both my children are helplessly dependent on me, that's why I am so in awe of these things I observe now. But isn't that what we mothers pray for? That we get to truly cherish every moment of our children's lives? That we can press PAUSE anytime just so we have that extra minute to hold them as babies?

I've been blessed by it, I just didn't know :)

Thank you, Jesus, for my precious, my fearless Sophia.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Gardens By The Bay

The final leg of our Legomania family trip was a short stop at Singapore. Since we were flying to Manila via SG, we figured it would be a good idea to go around this little city-state before heading home.

We arrived at the Orchard Parade Hotel from Legoland around lunchtime. This is the same hotel we stayed at when we visited Singapore in 2011 with then-1 year old Jaden. Though I am pretty sure there are far better hotels in the city, we like Orchard Parade because of its spacious rooms. (When you have kids, this is a big deal!) The hotel is conveniently located along the famous Orchard Road. Best of all, for a hotel on prime property, their rates are reasonable!

We opted to have lunch at the hotel's restaurant, which served Chinese food. We had peking duck, beef in oyster sauce, and congee--our staple orders even in Manila's Chinese restos. Hehe.

After getting our tummies full, we all headed up to our room to take a nap. Here's the thing about traveling with kids: you really have to give them time to recharge! As tempting as it is to make the most of our short stay, I felt it was best to allow Jaden and Sophia to take a break lest our little adventure take a toll on their bodies.

At around 5pm, our family headed out to take a stroll on Orchard Road. The city was just about to turn on the Christmas lights on the street, so the kids enjoyed the flickering of the lights. We then hailed a taxi to get to our main destination: Gardens by the Bay.

When we visited in 2011, Gardens by the Bay was just a vision. Marina Bay Sands was the toast of the town then, and we were lucky enough to get to enjoy the view from its top deck.

This time, we got to enjoy the view of the hotel from the Gardens! It was equally spectacular! :)

The kids loved hanging out at the Gardens! It was like a big park filled with SO MANY plants of different kinds and varieties! I wish I knew my plant biology so I can tell you more about them, but alas, all I know is that ang ganda at ang daming halaman! It was amazing!

By pure coincidence, we were at the Gardens the same night they were having a Christmas light show and the opening of the Spiegeltent in Marina Bay! We were so giddy to have caught these festivities! The kids were awed by the Christmas lights, music, and even "snow"! I couldn't think of a better highlight to cap off our evening in the Lion City.

We headed back to the hotel around 9pm, but not after enjoying more sights through the cab's windows. We enjoyed a restful sleep that night!

In the morning, we took a short stroll on Orchard Road to get to the nearby McDonald's for breakfast. After our fill of pancakes and McMuffins, we went back to our hotel, checked out, and took a taxi to the airport. We were flying back home! :)

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