Monday, March 23, 2015

Sophia's Fairy Party

My dear darling Sophia turns two today, March 23. It's been a wonderful couple of years and we look forward to more! By faith, we know that it will be a banner year for our princess, a time when she will grow in leaps and bounds, reach milestone after milestone, and become even prettier, smarter, and spunkier!

Our family celebrated Sophia's birthday yesterday. Because she is so fascinated by fairies now, we threw a fairy party for our princess... right in our home!

Caveat: This post is picture-heavy.

Welcome to Sophia's Fairyland... where all little girls and their mommies get to be fairies for the day!

We had flower crowns, butterfly bands, fairy wings, and pixie wands!
The boys get to be Peter Pan with our handmade Peter Pan hats!

The VIP Table for the GrandFairies aka Sophia's Lolos and Lolas :)
The Fairy Princess ready to welcome her pixie guests!
Chickada represent! Thanks for coming early, Tito Harvey & Ninang Chickai!
The pixie guests arrive... and are mesmerized by Sophia's Fairyland! :))

Hand in hand, with fairy grace, will we sing and bless this place <3
Happy Tita! :))

Can't fake that excitement! Kuya Jaden, who refused to be anything pixie, came to Fairyland as Bumblebee of Transformers!

Fairyland's Mystic Water
Treasure Coins, Pixie Dust, TinkerBell's Mini Cupcakes, Forest Berries, and Peter Pan chocolate bars... all here at the Fairy Sweets Shop!
Plus Enchanted Candy Drops, Cakepop Wands, and our sweet fairy girls too!
Thanksgiving prayer for Fairy Princess Sophia. (Oh, Jaden!:P)

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Adoption & Jaden

Jaden and I were watching Stuart Little last night. He asked me about the "paperwork" that the Little couple had to do to get Stuart, so I explained it was for adoption.

As expected, my curious pre-schooler asked me, "What's adoption, Mom?"

I told him it was for adults who want to choose a kid and make him or her their own child, to be part of their family. In this movie, I said, the grown-up couple adopted Stuart. Now, Stuart had a new dad, mom, and brother too!

Jaden seemed to ponder on the concept, so I let him be.

After a while, he snuggled close to me, hugged me tight, and said, "Mom, don't ever ever let me be adopted. I want only you and Daddy and Sophia to be my family."

Aww... Jaden :) :) :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Afternoon Chika with the Girls

Just because there's nothing like great food and a great kitchen to accompany great girl talk :)

Checking out the goodies at EPICURIOUS! Wowoweee! I wanted to shop!

Picking our afternoon tea :)

Learning how pasta must be cooked. Super intense ko lang :))

Our volunteers for the day! In fairness, ang sarap ng pizza nila ha!

Add caption

Love this refreshing Moringa drink!!!

Thanks Patty for bringing us all together! 
EPICURIOUS S'mores: to-die-for!

All photos by Sheila Catilo (kaya ang gaganda hehehe)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Girls Day Out + Luna's 3rd at Patio de Imus

I took a day off from work and domestic duties last week, and met up with my BFFs Patty and Sherie! It has been months since all three of us got together, so I was excited about our "reunion" (reunion talaga?!).

Sherie took us to Patio de Imus, a newly opened restaurant in Cavite that, IMO, can rival Sonya's Garden and Fernwood Gardens. It's beautiful, airy, and green! I was literally drawn to the flowers and plants that are nicely and strategically landscaped to provide a relaxing and energizing ambiance. Hindi ko lang alam bakit wala akong picture! Wahahaha.

After taking it all in, we were served with sumptuous lunch of sinigang, crispy pata, boneless bangus, pancit, and my favorite, shrimp chavacano. OMG. I wanted to sleep sa kabusugan!

As a happy coincidence, we visited on the day Sherie's baby, Luna, celebrated her 3rd month of her chillax life! Hehe! Happy "monthsary", Luna!

Thank you Sherie, Luna, and Patio de Imus for hosting us! :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sophia's Carnival Party on Baby and Breakfast

I'm so giddy as I write this: Sophia's Carnival Party is up on Baby and Breakfast! Wee! #kilig

I can't believe it's been almost a year since this celebration! I can still remember the happy work I did for that party, and especially all the help I got from friends and family. I'll always be grateful for the love we were showered upon that day :)

To check out Baby and Breakfast's feature, just click here.
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