Friday, December 12, 2014

Legomania! The Legoland Hotel Experience

For this Christmas, my husband and I decided to give our children the gift of travel and adventure--we went on a much-anticipated trip to Legoland Malaysia!

Naturally, it was our Lego-addict son Jaden who was most excited about this. For a month and a half, he counted the days leading to our vacation. (It was also my favorite and most effective bargaining tool then. Haha.)

But when we got to Legoland Hotel, ALL OF US were enthralled!  Sophia couldn't keep still. Every member of the family became a Lego fanatic upon seeing the huge building designed with Lego bricks, the great green Lego dragon, and big-and-small Lego people. I'll never forget the look on everybody's faces when we saw a glimpse of the Lego wonderland. Everything was awesome indeed!
You'd think it literally is made of Lego!
The hotel's lobby featured a Lego pirate ship and a castle, both filled with bricks for all guests to enjoy!
As you can see, the interiors of the hotel lobby screamed LEGO FOR KIDS... to Jaden and Sophia's utter delight! Check-in was a breeze, though it did take a few minutes--time happily used by my kids to explore the big play area which the hotel seemed to be. 

Later, I had to extricate them from the lobby so we could go and rest in our hotel room. When we booked this trip months ago, Jaden chose the Pirate Room (the hotel had 3 themes: pirate, castle, and adventure). I agreed because it looked like the coolest! ;)

Big beds are LOVE! Everything was decked in pirate theme: the wallpaper, the carpet, the beddings... everything!
The best thing is that all Legoland Hotel rooms are for families! Kids get to have their own little double decker bed--with an extra pull-out for big families! Jaden was only too happy to sleep on the top bunk!
The details were terrific. What's more, the entire floor is pirate-themed! (The other rooms, Castle and Adventure, also had a whole floor each to themselves!)
What's a pirate ship without a look-out parrot? Made of Lego bricks, of course.
Little girl trying to climb to the top bunk!
We were soooooo happy! (Look at Jaden's face to see just how much! Haha)
Dining was likewise not a problem at the hotel because they have a couple of in-house restaurants: Bricks Family Restaurant and Di Mattoni Restaurant (plus Skyline bar for daddies and mommies!). We had all our meals at Bricks (including our daily breakfasts) and we loved how family-friendly that place is.
Their buffet is no Spiral or Heat, of course, but I'm happy with the choices and the sheer number of the options they offered!
We had a lot to choose from. Even the kids will enjoy eating here!
Do you that dragon on the right? He roars every hour! :)
I honestly did not expect this hotel to be this fantastic. I thought all that made it special was that it's for kids--nothing more. So it was such a nice big surprise to find out it's more than just a place for Lego-crazy kids. It will make you a Lego fan too!

Also, the service and amenities can rival 5-star hotels. My son and I can be such hotel snobs when it comes to quality of bed, pillows, and sheets, and even cleanliness of bathrooms... but Legoland Hotel sure gets a two-thumbs up from us in that department. I can safely say this hotel did not scrimp either in design or quality. We're so happy we stayed here!

Stay tuned for our Legoland Theme Park adventure...
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Friday, December 05, 2014


Remember when you had a crush? What if that crush suddenly becomes yours?

I could be talking about my husband...

...and also this:
His anniversary gift :)

I am no royalty, nor I deserve to be. But everyday, I am treated like queen... how lucky can I be? Thank you, Julz :) I love you with all my queenly heart! Hehehe.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Anniversary at the Blackbird

For our 5th anniversary, my husband and I opted to veer slightly from the conventional dinner-by-candlelight. Instead, we celebrated our happy day with an unhurried lunch date at the now-famous Blackbird at the Nielson Tower.
I love the history of this place!
At first, I was actually insisting on dinner because I know Blackbird is stunning at night. That, and I wanted to dress up. (Hehehe ang arte!) But between the monstrous traffic jam last Friday, and Julz's jet lag (he conks out by 8PM), I relented to his suggestion that we go there for lunch.

Thankfully, our practical (read: sensible!) decision did not sacrifice the quality of our date.

Blackbird proves to be a sight to behold even during the day, when natural light generously pours in through its glass windows.
Blackbird by day: Beautiful
At the restaurant's receiving area, which fronts the bar. I'm guessing you can have cocktails here! Clazz. Hehe.
Obviously, the food is just as wonderful at lunch as it is at dinner. I especially loved the Prawn Scotch Eggs that we ordered as appetizer, and the Truffle Mushroom soup is just divine! For our mains, Julz had wagyu steak and I had the Blackbird Fish Pie Salmon.

I was full midway through my main course, but I couldn't resist dessert. Julz and I shared a mango-passion fruit sundae and a mug of hot valhrona chocolate. Yum!
My date and our food!
All this time, Julz and I were talking about... well, anything under the sun. It felt like one of our dates when it was just the two of us--relaxed, fun, unpretentious, yet still very romantic! (Naks!)

Plus, neither of us was worrying about the payday weekend traffic or if the kids are already asleep or if Sophia is looking for her mama...  We were just there, enjoying our date!
Happy anniversary to us! :)
Happy wife = Happy life
Best of all, this anniversary date was a nice reminder for me that whatever time of day, Julz and I can make happy memories together... and that's what we intend to do! Five years down, a lifetime to go! :)
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